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Die Chipsätze im 1850R und DL380 / ML 370 bestimmen die Leistungsfähigkeit eines Compaq Servers erheblich mit. Darum hier ein paar Hintergrund Informationen aus den verfügbaren Informationen.

PCI chipsets

The chipset, another important part of the server, implements the connections between the processor, memory, and system PCI bus. Other functions such as video, keyboard, interrupt, floppy, and clock are provided by support chips and are not included.

The server chipsets in used in the Compaqs are:


Intel 440BX and the ServerWorks ServerSet III LE

Intel 440BX chipset

The Intel 440BX supports two Pentium II processors using a 100 MHz Processor bus. The 440BX uses an integrated DRAM memory controller and PCI bridge and employs the new Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) interface for high performance video. It supports up to five PCI busmaster devices. A certain implementation adds a PCI bridge to increase the number of PCI slots to six, while offering integrated Video, 10/100 Ethernet, and dual-channel SCSI. This PCI bridge also provides the capability to support PCI hot-plug adapters.


The Server Performance Lab has determined that PCI bus sustainable throughput of the used server is about 90-100 MBps for adapters placed in either primary or in secondary PCI bus slots. As a result, users should not experience a difference in throughput performance for adapters placed in either the primary or secondary PCI buses.

The 440BX chipset has the following characteristics:

  • • Supports Intel Pentium II and PIII with system bus frequencies of 66 MHz or 100MHz
  • • 100 MHz 64-bit processor bus
  • • 4 deep in-order queue depth for outstanding front side bus transaction performance
  • • Symmetric multiprocessing (up to two Pentium II processors; no Pentium Pro support)
  • • Maximum of 1 GB memory - 32-bit addressing - no 36-bit extended address support
  • • Support for EDO and SDRAM memory with memory performance = X-1-1-1 (where X is typically 17)
  • • PCI Version 2.1
  • - 32-bit only 3.3 and 5.0 volt support
  • - High-performance PCI throughput
  • - Integrated PCI bridge and memory controller
  • - Concurrent PCI and processor-to-memory transactions

Performance settings

The Intel 440BX chipset has several tuning parameters that may affect performance and can be changed by the user with a professional setup utility


  • • ACPI
  • • Cache policy
  • • Cache state
  • • Cache size
  • • PCI Bus control
  • • PCI-PCI bridge prefetching
  • • PCI primary bus MLT
  • • PCI secondary bus MLT
  • • PCI interrupt routing (RAID, ENET, video and USB IRQs)

und das macht alles das Smart Start Setup Utility.

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