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Compaq Smart Array 532 RAID SCSI controller. Compaq P/N: 225338-B21.

Dual SCSI channels (1 internal / 1 external) Supports up to 14 Physical Drives per channel

Supports up to 32 Logical Drives with any combination of RAID Levels

Compatable with Proliant servers with Universal Pluggable drives in a 3.3 volt PCI SLOT ONLY!

Support Ultra2 and Ultra3 SCSI -


64bit, 66MHz PCI Bus Design

Online Capacity Expansion Online RAID level Migration - 32MB of non-battery backed read cache

Supports RAID level 0, 1, 0+1 and 5


Dual Ultra3 SCSI channels allow for higher data performance (160 MB/s per channel; up to 320 MB/s total) and allows for up to 1TB of storage per PCI slot.


32 MB cache memory optimizes data throughput and performance. Software consistency and data compatibility across the Smart Array family line simplifies deployment.


Mix and match LVD SCSI compatibility offers investment protection by mixing Ultra2 and Ultra3 on the same SCSI bus (Ultra2 devices will transfer data at 80 MB/s and Ultra3 devices at 160 MB/s).

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